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Karen was born in Albuquerque, New Mexico, and currently resides in Bethesda, Maryland.  She graduated with a degree in philosophy from the College of William and Mary, a law degree from Washington College of Law, American University, and an advanced law degree (LLM) from the George Washington University Law School.  Karen has worked in a variety of government and industry positions in a variety of fields, including law, acquisition, ethics, supply chain, finance, public policy and government relations.  She is very active with leadership positions in many non-profit organizations to improve government policies and provide leadership development opportunities for women’s groups.  She was President and a National Board member of the National Contract Management Association (NCMA).  She co-founded the NCMA Women’s Forum and is the first inducted into the Women’s Forum Hall of Fame for her contributions to women’s leadership development.  Other nonprofit organizations she is a member of include the George Washington University Law School Advisory Board, the Procurement Roundtable, Strategic Advisors to Government Executives with the Partnership for Public Service, and her neighborhood Home Owners Association.  She began experimenting with glass art in 2005, became a studio artist at Glen Echo Art Glass Center in 2012.  She also exhibits her work in the Art Group Gallery, Bowman-Shannon Cultural Arts Center, in Mt. Jackson, Virginia – voted best of the Shenandoah in 2012.  She has two children, Teddy and Tommy, and their dog, Saint.

I love to combine the shapes, colors, textures of glass in as many directions as there are stars in the sky – from funky and silly to graceful and serene.  I think of glass as stardust, as being made from tiny specks of sand that the universe brings together limited only by the artist’s imagination.  There are unlimited techniques in kiln formed glass, including designer glass, inclusions, leaf imagery, frit painting, strip bowl techniques, reactives, sand blasting, bubbles, slumping, vases.  Anything you can imagine you can do with fused glass. I am inspired by the versatility of glass and glass as a connecting medium, a healing medium, something that builds a community of caring among artists and audiences.  This inspired me to establish Stardust Artworks for learning, teaching, creating and building community with kiln formed glass.