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Jewelry for the life you live.

I am fascinated with colors, shapes, and textures. I am a self-taught artist and I love simplicity and character.

Wearable art:

I started beading jewelry as a hobby four years ago and I recently discovered that making my own beads was much more fun. I give leather a different meaning and an attitude with my eccentric and contemporary reversible earrings, pins, bracelets and pendants. I use recycled leather from a local shop and the most colorful and metallic pieces of leather are new materials. My designs have geometric shapes; others portray flowing curves found in nature. I incorporate batik fabric and beads in my jewelry when it feels right. Rummaging through pieces of leather engages the wheels of my creativity. When I begin a piece I don’t exactly have a definite plan but I like the results. I often use circles in my designs; for me, this shape mean togetherness, love, and happiness.

I use punches to cut circles in the leather and a rotary cutter for straight lines. For curves, I use  good scissors. The pieces are held together by double-sided tape. I use antiqued bronze spring rings and rivets.  Most of my designs feature handcrafted Titanium earwires for a complete allergy-free comfort. There is no discrimination here; even those with the most sensitive skin can enjoy wearing my creations.

I also offer:

Bead jewelry, Shopping bags made of 100% pre-shrunk cotton,
Glass tile pendants and earrings made with postage stamps, decoupage from magazines, Italian and Japanese paper.

Someone taking notice of my work is rewarding but the process of creating the pieces is far more exciting.

This is a privilege and a honor to be part of The Art Group Gallery at Mt. Jackson.